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Washington Vs. LSU: Things To Look For In The Huskies' Week 2 Game

The Washington Huskies have a huge Week 2 matchup with the LSU Tigers, and though they're clearly the underdogs in the contest there's still a lot for Huskies fans to look for. SB Nation's Huskies blog UW Dawg Pound takes a look at some of those things in a pair of posts previewing the game.

In a preview of the game, Randall Floyd points to some questions that need answering:

Defense: Will our D-Line get any pressure on the QB? How well can we stop the run? Will our secondary come through with much needed turnover? Will Josh Shirley be able to continue to lay the lumber?

Offense: Can our O-line compete long enough to allow KP to air the ball out? Will KP be safe? What will the run game look like? Will it even look like a run game? How will Sark use ASJ?

Looking back at last week, they highlight a package play that might give the UW offense some explosiveness:

When you have a transcendent player like ASJ, you have to find creative ways to get him the ball. If you're just having him line up next to tackle and run routes and block you're wasting his potential. By moving him out to wide receiver you create a matchup problem. As a defense, do you put a much smaller corner on him and risk having your player run over on a short route or out-muscled on something deep? Do you send a backer out there, knowing that there's no chance that he has the coverage skills to stay with Seferian-Jenkins? Or do you walk your safety over to cover him, leaving yourself vulnerable to deep attacks from the other receivers?

Check out the full post for images and a detailed breakdown of the play.

The game is set for 4 p.m. PT Saturday at LSU.

Stick with this StoryStream for scores, updates and more from Washington's Week 2 game with LSU. For all things Huskies, head over to UW Dawg Pound.

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