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Washington vs. Louisiana State: Huskies Prepare For Huge Matchup Following Season-Opening Win

The Huskies face their stiffest test of the young season as they head to Baton Rouge to take on the No. 3 LSU Tigers.

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Coach Steve Sarkisian had a lot of takeaways in a press conference on Monday following the Washington Huskies 21-12 win over the San Diego State Aztecs on Saturday.

Although the Huskies came away with the victory, the game's final score was a bit closer than it should have been. There were a couple of missed opportunities by Washington in the red zone. On one drive, the Huskies took a sack on a third down, followed by a delay of game call that brought out the punting unit instead of the field goal team. They also had a fumble inside the 5-yard line. Sarkisian noted how the points left on the field could have amounted to a huge swing in momentum in the game.

A potential of 21 points we left on the board in that ball game that I think could have changed the complexion of that game and really swung it even more in our favor when we had opportunities to do that.

Huskies quarterback Keith Price took the blame for the sometimes-stalled Huskie offense on Saturday, earning high marks for his leadership from coach Sarkisian.

That's what makes 17 [Price] special. He's got a standard he holds himself too. I've seen him better than he was Saturday night and I will see him better than he was Saturday night. And that's just what he expects of himself.

The Huskies travel to Baton Rouge to take on the No. 3 LSU Tigers on Saturday for a huge test in the very young 2012 season. Sarkisian is trying to simulate crowd noise and keep his players hydrated this week as they head to a very hostile atmosphere (both in terms of crowd support and climate differences from Seattle) where the Huskies will try to hold off the monstrous LSU defense. The LSU Tigers beat North Texas University 41-14 on Saturday.

There's going to be eight guys rotating in there. I don't want to say any of their names because I can't remember all of them but I know their numbers. It's 9 and 18 and 77 and 90 and 99 and 89 and 49 and so they are good. That's no secret about that.

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