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UW Dawg Pound grades the positional groups on Thursday's big win against Stanford

The entire Huskies squad is getting grades to take home to mom after their 17-13 win over the Stanford Cardinal on Thursday.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The UW Dawg Pound doled out close to straight A'ss for the Washington Huskies after their 17-13 victory over No. 8 Stanford Cardinal on Thursday.

It is easy to see why everyone is a bit excited. It was the first UW victory over Stanford since 2007 and their first over a top-10 ranked opponent since 2009.

Based on the nine categories available, the UW Dawg Pound gave out A's to everyone except for the offensive line. The cumulative GPA for the team is 3.89 - more than enough for magna cum laude honors.

The o-line took a bit of a hit because injuries have left it a bit undermanned. The Dawg Pound said they did what they needed to get done for the running game, but barely did enough to help quarterback Keith Price to the victory saying, "Pass protections wasn't what it needed to be but this was the Stanford front seven they were playing against."

The Dawg Pound had rave reviews for Price, whose final stats weren't all that earth shattering. Then again, in a game where only 30 total points are scored, throwing for 177 yards and one TD is more of the norm. Price got extra props for keeping his head steady after throwing a bad pick six.

Price gave his team a chance to win last night by not panicking or making the type of mistakes that USC's Matt Barkley had done ten days earlier. He kept bouncing back after every punishing hit (there were too many to count) and made the plays he had to when the game was on the line. A lot of guys might have folded after that ugly pick six but Price charged back out there and led his team to victory.

Running back Bishop Sankey was probably the most deserving of all the A's the Dawg Pound handed out. Sankey finished with 144 yards on 20 carries and a crucial 61-yard touchdown run.