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2012 NBA Draft: Emotional Reactions To Being Drafted For Terrence Ross And Tony Wroten

Former Washington Huskies Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten were selected in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft, with Ross going to the Toronto Raptors at No. 8 overall and Wroten selected 25th by the Memphis Grizzlies. For both players, it was an emotional night. Comments from both via the Seattle Times:

"It's surreal I couldn't believe it," [Ross] said during an interview Thursday night with the NBA. "I looked at my mom and she started crying. I looked at my sister and she was in shock. I looked at my coaches and they were happy for me. It's a real moment for me."

Wroten had a similar reaction:

"I was just speechless. I told myself I wasn't going to cry, but being a Memphis Grizzly was a dream come true, so I just broke down."

Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was at the draft, sitting with Ross and his family. From Romar on, both young men have strong supporters throughout the area who were no doubt thrilled to see them be selected so high in the draft, and who are excited to see their careers in the NBA develop.

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