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Bill Simmons Mock Draft 2012: Terrence Ross Picked By Portland Trail Blazers

The 2012 NBA Draft is here, and Terrence Ross of the Washington Huskies is likely to be picked early on in the first round somewhere considering he was invited to the Green Room.

In one of the final mocks before the draft, Chad Ford and Bill Simmons had a long discussion on Grantland about who they would pick if they were running the teams involved, and Simmons ends up matching Ross with the lone Pacific Northwest franchise. Simmons explains why he matches Ross with the Portland Trail Blazers and how it'd be a slam dunk for Portland fans everywhere.

Let's shift into "speed round" mode because, frankly, I can't wait to make the two Celtics picks any longer. With the 11th pick, I'm grabbing Terrence Ross for Portland and, more important, for the nitpicking lunatics on the Blazers Edge message board. In a league that's moving in the direction of athletic swing guys who can shoot 3s and play multiple positions, it seems logical to spend a lottery pick on an athletic swing guy who can shoot 3s and play multiple positions, right? You know what else? Lillard and Ross guarantee the Blazers an A-plus in Chad Ford's "Draft-Night Report Card That Always Favors Anyone Who Had Two High Picks" column on Friday. Just give them the A-plus now. Why wait 48 hours?

Discuss how well Ross fits with Trail Blazers fans by going to Blazers Edge. Talk about Ross with Washington basketball fans by hitting up UW Dawg Pound.

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