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2012 NBA Draft: Terrence Ross Gets Green Room Invite

Terrence Ross has been considered a mid-range first round draft pick for quite some time. He has a lot of attributes you'd really like from your small forward. He's an efficient shooter, can really hit from long range, has NBA-type measurables that could make him a valuable defender, and he fits the type of profile of the type of player who can last a long time in the league.

Indeed, it seems NBA teams feel the same way about Ross, at least if this little tidbit of news is any indicator.

Generally the Green Room invite is a good sign of your draft stock. The NBA has generally been reticent to hand out invites to players who might end up lingering, so the buzz on Ross's draft status must be very good. He might very well end up getting picked in the lottery range if he's getting the invite!

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