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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Suns Pick Terrence Ross, Grizzlies Choose Tony Wroten

Washington's Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten are going to be first round picks, with only Wroten having the slight possibility of falling into the second. But as of now, all the pundits agree that they'll be first-rounders.

Where are they going? That's anyone's guess as of now.

ESPN's Chad Ford released his Mock Draft 8.2 on Friday and has Ross headed to the Phoenix Suns with the No. 13 pick and Wroten headed to Memphis with the No. 25 pick. These are the same two spots Ford had both players being selected in his previous mock draft.

The key for Ross is Syracuse's Dion Waiters and Duke's Austin Rivers already being off the board when the Suns pick. If that's the case, Ross could be headed to the desert. If not, he could slip. Wroten is a top-10 talent but he's still young and raw. He could be a reach early or a steal late -- it just depends on which team pulls the trigger on one of the best athletes in the draft.

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