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College Football Playoff Recap: Pac-12 Gets Selection Committee They Want

When the college football playoff process started up, the Pac-12 was trying to do its best to get what they wanted from the playoff proposal. As one of the major college football conferences, the Pac-12 wanted to make sure they had the best possible representation.

Spencer Hall of SB Nation files this report that shows that the Pac-12 got some of what they originally asked for.

Larry Scott, Lt. General, Pac-12 Division. An invisible presence in the last stages of the battle, though it's entirely possible he ran out of ammo. Major General Jim Delany displayed admirable poise in a difficult situation, and showed a heretofore unseen flexibility under duress, but still lost a crucial engagement in achieving his objectives.

It's quite possible the conference wanted more or were just trying to bargain hard to ensure they got some of what they were looking for. Most notable was the selection committee that should ensure the member schools have a good shot of being represented on a regular basis. Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports has more.

Sources said the emphasis on conference champions by the selection committee was enough for the Pac-12 and Big Ten, which preferred a two-team, plus-one model, to compromise its position and join the other leagues in supporting a four-team playoff.

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