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Tony Wroten, Terrence Ross Among Top 30 NBA Draft Prospects

The Washington Huskies have two solid NBA Draft prospects in 2012. One is talented one-and-done guard Tony Wroten, who is still very raw but has strong upside once he develops into NBA shape. The other is perimeter swingman Terrence Ross, who figures to be one of those players you can plug into a team and get him ready to make early contributions.

Jay Bilas of ESPN decided to rank the top 30 talents in the 2012 NBA Draft. After the jump, you can see where both Wroten and Ross ended up.

Wroten is ranked first among the two in the 21st position, mainly because he has such a solid upside.

Wroten was the best passer coming out of high school last year and is a lefty with size and athleticism. He can get by people and bully his way into the lane, and he gets fouled at a very high rate and shoots a ton of free throws. Wroten can be a very good defender but is not one yet. He turns the ball over at a high rate because of questionable decisions, and he is a non-shooter, neither from deep nor from the free throw line. He can be a point with size, and he has great tools. I liken him to a bigger but very raw Rajon Rondo.

Then comes Ross in the 23rd spot, who could really end up thriving early and often.

Ross is an excellent shooter and athlete who is very good in catch-and-shoot situations and coming off of screens. He runs hard in transition, and Washington looked to him for shots and lobs after timeouts. He is a good defender on the ball but needs to improve off the ball. Ross is not a great handler and drives right to get to the rim and left to pull up.

You can read the full Insider article from Bilas by clicking here.

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