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NBA Draft Rumors: Tony Wroten Jr. Slipping Out Of First Round

There is one word that NBA draft prospects hate more than just about any other: tweener. What does that mean exactly? It means that a prospect does not have a true position on the court, which usually scares most teams away if it requires a substantial risk.

Washington Huskies guard Tony Wroten is the exact definition of a prospect who is a tweener. While he is undoubtably talented, could he fall all the way out of the first round at the 2012 NBA Draft?

The latest mock draft from CBS Sports has Wroten dropping to the second round. Other reports had raised concerns over his ability to be a good teammate and his lack of a jump shot.

Wroten checked in to the combine at 6'6 and 203lbs. That's solid size for a kid his age, but he's a bit too big to be a point guard at the next level. He's also a bit too small to be an off-guard. Other than driving to the rim, Wroten doesn't have much of an offensive game at the moment. And since he lacks elite ball handling and passing skill, his chances at making it as a point guard seem slim.

This can scare a lot of potential teams away, especially those picking in the back-half of the first round. These teams typically narrow in on a player they think would fit in perfectly with their roster, and it's tough to imagine Wroten doing that. There is also the chance a team takes a chance on Wroten with hopes that his shot comes around, although he'll need to really put on a show in individual workouts in order for that to happen.

We'll see what happens in the coming weeks, but Wroten's draft stock is hardly soaring at this point.

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