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College Football Rankings 2012: Oregon Ranked No. 4, Washington No. 25 In Spring BlogPoll

For the last three years, the Oregon Ducks have been the ones running the Pac-10 and Pac-12. That could change this year with the return of a resurgent USC football team, but they should be right in the mix come November.

The latest BlogPoll ballot post-spring practice has been released, and the Ducks are trailing right behind USC. The Trojans are the second best team, the Ducks are ranked fourth. Might as well circle that clash in the Coliseum in November as the ultimate decider of who gets the upper hand in Pac-12 bragging rights.

The Washington Huskies have been on the rise year after year, leading up the rear behind Stanford and Oregon in the conference while USC has been on probation. Washington still remains a step behind the traditional powers, but they're still on the list at 25.

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