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2012 NBA Draft: Terrence Ross An Instant Contributor?

The 2012 NBA Draft is coming up, and outside some of the top overall prospects, none of them are known commodities. It might be hard to find players who are ready to come in and play immediately and upgrade the team, especially once teams move past the top ten prospects.

Terrence Ross of the Washington Huskies is a mid-range prospect who's likely to be picked somewhere through the first round overall, but his game is tailor-made to come in and really make a difference on the basketball court. His versatility, his shooting, his perimeter game all could help a contender that picks him up halfway through the first round.

Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk has more on Ross.

He is the kind of pick who walks right in and helps a team because he has a fantastic catch-and-shoot jumper (high and fast release) with range. When he sets his feet he’s sharp. He’s also athletic enough to get out on the break and attack the rim or pull up. He’s not got NBA handles yet but he’s the guy filling a lane in transition — you can picture him spotting up at the arc. Or the guy off the bench knocking down kick-out jumpers in the half court.

Plus, he can defend pretty well, something that if he proves he can really do in workouts will help his stock.

He’s got good size to play on the wing, listed at 6’7" (ask again after the combine). He’s athletic. He averaged 16.4 points per game and shot 37 percent from three. He did that with a low usage rate (19.8), which means he wasn’t shooting a lot he was just efficient when he did. On paper there’s a lot to like. The thing is, because Washington and the Pac-12 were unimpressive, teams are not totally sold yet. They want to see more

To talk about Ross with Washington Husky fans, head on over to UW Dawg Pound.

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