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2012 NBA Draft: Terrence Ross Interviewed By HoopsWorld

Steve Kyler of conducted a video interview with former Washington Huskies guard Terrence Ross at Impact Basketball in Los Angeles on Thursday. Ross told Hoopsworld that his main strength is his ability "to get to the basket and create [his] own shot." Ross also mentioned improvement in his ball handling skills, a concern by some NBA scouts and evaluators.

This past season, Husky fans became accustomed to Ross pulling up and firing away shots from behind the three-point line and in the mid-range, but rarely saw Ross drive to the basket — though he claims he has the ability to do so. Surely Ross could have been more aggressive and attacked the basket more often, but that seemed to be Wroten's role while he was playing.

See Ross' silky smooth jump shot and his interview with Hoopsworld in the video below:

Terrence Ross - 2012 NBA Draft Prospect - Impact Basketball (via hoopsworld)