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Philadelphia Eagles Possibly Landed A Steal In Chris Polk

Chris Polk of the Washington Huskies was considered one of the most productive and pro-ready running back prospects in the Pac-12 the past few years, but his health was a major concern that precluded him from being drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft. No one wanted to spend money on a player who might never have been healthy enough to play in the league, so they figured it would be better to grab him unsigned.

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles have him, they feel they got a big steal by drafting him. Pro Football Weekly has this report on what Philly believes Polk's potential could be with the Eagles.

The Eagles think they might have pulled a fast one by landing undrafted rookie RB Chris Polk, whose name was not called on draft weekend, likely because of injury concerns. But if Polk is healthy, the Eagles might actually have found their backup to LeSean McCoy. Dion Lewis looks best to fill the No. 3 role, primarily on third downs. The team did spend a seventh-round pick on troubled RB Bryce Brown, but Polk actually appears to be the cleaner prospect, if his health is not an issue.

Grabbing a solid backup runner for McCoy would be huge for a team that needs strong offensive weapons.

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