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Washington RB Chris Polk's NFL Dreams Began At A Young Age

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After one of the most productive careers in Washington history, es-Husky RB Chris Polk has become one of the more intriguing prospects in this month's upcoming NFL Draft. Playing in the NFL was a childhood dream of Polk's and he is inching closer to that reality.

In a recently released film called "Before The Beginning", which was shot in February, Polk's preparation for the draft is chronicled in detail. There is a part in the video when Steve Caric of Caric Sports Management mentions that UW hasn't had an offensive lineman drafted since 2006, pointing out just how impressive Polk's career was.

Projected number 1 overall pick Andrew Luck describes Polk as a a "complete back".

One thing is clear, though Polk is the recipient of much praise - he is compared to Steven Jackson and Corey Dillon, nobody seems to be able to agree on where he will land in the draft. Polk projects anywhere from the second back taken to being selected in the 3rd or 4th round.

In addition to showing Polk's draft prep,he visits his hometown of Redlands, California where his mom and high school coach are both interviewed. It is a fantastic look at a dedicated young man.

Before the Beginning With Chris Polk from Athlete Interactive on Vimeo.