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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Terrence Ross To Nuggets, Tony Wroten To Celtics

The Washington Huskies have two potential draft picks for the first round in the NBA Draft. One mock has Terrence Ross going to the Denver Nuggets and Tony Wroten to the Boston Celtics.


The Washington Huskies will have two draft picks in the 2012 NBA Draft, likely both of them being first rounders. Terrence Ross is a talented sophomore wing, and freshman guard Tony Wroten has a lot of potential to develop into something special at the next level. They definitely have the ability to become rotation players in the NBA as time goes by.

DraftExpress releases his latest mock, and both end up in the first round. Ross goes to the Denver Nuggets with the 17th pick, and Wroten ends up in Boston with the 20th pick. Ross could give Denver much needed outside scoring punch and another scoring option, while Wroten could become a backup guard to develop behind Rajon Rondo as another potential facilitiator for the offense.

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