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Bracketology 2012: Washington Huskies Just Miss NCAA Tournament According To Latest NCAA Predictions

In the NCAA's most recent RPI rankings, the Washington Huskies were ranked at No. 69, one stop outside the NCAA Tournament.


There are 68 teams that make it into the NCAA tournament and according to the latest NCAA RPI, Rating Percentage Index, numbers, which are based off of team wins, losses and strength of schedule, the Washington Huskies come in at No. 69, just missing the big dance.

The Huskies finished the season with a 21-10 record and were 14-4 in the Pac-12. When the Pac-12 Conference tournament started, they were given the No. 1 seed, earning a first-round by. They were set to face the No. 9 seeded Oregon State Beavers in the quarterfinals and were defeated in their first tournament game by a score of 86-84. That game likely made the difference between making it into the NCAA tournament and not making it for the Huskies.

The Weber State Wildcats (24-6, 14-2 Big Sky) and the Huskies swapped spots in this latest RPI ranking. Huskies fans may not like the fact hat their team isn't likely to make it into the tournament and according to The New York Times' Nate Silver believes that using RPI is the wrong way to pick teams that make it into the tournament.

The problem, in turns out, is not that computer rankings in general are incapable of perceiving their talent: it's that R.P.I. is the wrong system. Missouri, 16th in the R.P.I. rankings, was instead rated anywhere from the fifth to ninth by the more reliable systems. Cincinnati rated as high as 20th in one system - much better than its R.P.I. rank of 58. And the other systems see Kansas as a No. 1 seed, as most analysts do, while the R.P.I. rankings do not.

It will be announced tomorrow, Selection Sunday, which teams make it in and which teams don't. Washington is certainly on the bubble, but Huskies fans may not want to hold their breaths.

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