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NFL Draft 2012, Alameda Ta'amu: Pittsburgh Steelers Could Be Interested In 2nd Round

Washington Huskies defensive lineman Alameda Ta'amu has been repairing his draftability ever since the season ended. The Senior Bowl ended up becoming a big coming out party for him as he was dominant force.


If scouts were hoping to be wowed by Ta'amu, all they need to due is watch the Senior Bowl game film. The big defensive tackle was dominant every time he lined up and was a constant nuisance for opponents. He collapsed the pocket on several occasions, overpowering opponents to make plays behind the line of scrimmage or force the action. His quarterback pressure at the end of the first half ended what looked to be a potential scoring drive for the South. In the second half the South was forced to double team Ta'amu in the attempt to slow him down.

Not one but two Pittsburgh Steelers blogs thinks Ta'amu would make a perfect 2nd round selection for the team and its history of stifling defenses.

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