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Forget Linsanity, How Bout Thomasanity?

The NBA world is all atwitter with talk of New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin. But as Linsanity begins to cool, Mike Prada over at the SB Nation Mothership wonders why more people aren't talking about former Washington Huskies guard Isaiah Thomas.

The 60th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft has been surprising the Sacramento Kings since they selected him.

"During the whole process where we were seeing if he was going to be a candidate for this team, he was running out there playing so close to NBA-ready," Smart said. "He never looked like a rookie. He's shown that every single night when he's been on the floor."

"It was my height," Thomas said, without hesitation. "I can play with anybody. I know that. My height just scared a lot of teams off. It's their fault for passing on me."

He might have been the last pick in the draft but don't call him Mr. Irrelevant.

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