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Isaiah Thomas Has Career Night Against Cleveland Cavaliers [VIDEO]

Any Washington Husky fan will tell you Isaiah Thomas was the real deal coming out of college. The Husky guard was short, but a stronger and quicker guard who could get penetration to the basket and find teammates when necessary. Thomas is starting to show he deserves the primary point guard responsibilities, and showcased it with another great performance last night in Cleveland. 23 points, 11 assists AND eight rebounds is mighty impressive, and he kept Sacramento afloat and put them in position to win on Sunday night.

After the jump, check out what Thomas did as the final pick in the 2012 NBA Draft against numero uno himself, Kyrie Irving on this play.

Nice Thomas Take To The Hoop (via kingsflix)

Mighty impressive stuff, and Thomas's development as a basketball player is still progressing. He's no Mr. Irrelevant, that's for sure.

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