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College Football Recruiting Rankings 2012: Oregon Ranked 18th, Washington 21st

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Over at SB Nation's College Football Recruiting Hub, Bud Elliot has broken down all of National Signing Day's events and ranked the best of the best 2012 recruiting classes, and lo and behold, the Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies made the grade. Still, they had a few other Pac-12 teams fare a bit better than they.

Oregon comes in ranked 18th overall, with a class of 21 players highlighted by 4-star defensive ends Arik Armstead out of Elk Grove, CA, and Alex Balducci out of Portland, OR; along with eight more 4-star recruits as well. As for the Huskies, they rank 21st who of course are highlighted by 4-star safety Shaq Thompson.

Neither team got themselves a 5-star recruit, while Stanford managed to get themselves one in O-linem and Andrus Peat, helping to land them at No. 7 on the rankings list, while UCLA came in 15th overall with 4-star recruits of their own.

For the entire list of Oregon's 2012 recruiting class, click here. For Washington's click here.

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