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Shaq Thompson Discusses Decision To Play For Washington

Four-star safety recruit Shaq Thompson was in the middle of quite the recruiting battle between his eventual choice of the Washington Huskies and his other suitor, the California Golden Bears. But as Thompson told the Seattle Times' Bob Condotta, It was far from an easy decision.

Here's what Thompson told Condotta:

They were always there on my list. Washington always stayed in it, so from the get-go that should have told everybody 'he's coming to Washington,' because that was the only school that didn't change.

I went up there for the Cal game (in September) and it was a beautiful atmosphere, a beautiful city, the fans really love their football, the team was fun to be around, the coaches were great. It was just like a great place for me.

Another factor was Tosh Lupoi, a former Cal assistant and excellent recruiter for the Golden Bears who 'defected' to Washington earlier this year. Shaq told Condotta it really wasn't a factor as Lupoi stepped aside from recruiting duties at UW.

Either way, the Huskies are happy to have him.

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