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Washington Huskies need to condition for Oregon Ducks speed

Head coach Steve Sarkisian said in his radio show that fatigue will be the biggest enemy against the Oregon Ducks.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Coach Steve Sarkisian took to his weekly radio show to shed some light on the Washington Huskies' upcoming game against the Oregon Ducks on Oct. 6.

Sarkisian made a heavy point of emphasis on conditioning and training for the high-octane Oregon Ducks offense. He noted that the key when playing Oregon is to recognize when fatigue is setting in the players, because the players themselves generally won't want to come off the field against Oregon.

"It's going to be our ability to execute and be disciplined in our assignments even when we are a bit more fatigued.''

He also mentioned that the Huskies will most likely make more substitutions early on in the game to keep players fresh.

The Huskies' offensive line has gotten hit by the injury bug and might look a little different against Oregon. Sarkisian acknowledges the youth of his offensive line, but still insists they need to be more consistent.

"We need to get better no question about it, but [against Stanford] is about as good a front and well-coached a front as we are going to see all year," he said.

In preparation for school starting, Sarkisian also noted the new practice schedule for his players in order to keep them healthy and sharp. The team now practices Sunday evening and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

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