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Steve Sarkisian Reportedly Approached By St. Louis Rams About Coaching Job, Not Interested

The St. Louis Rams have reportedly gone after Steve Sarkisian for their head coaching vacancy. But don't worry Huskies fans, Sark is staying put.

New York Times best-selling author and CBS Sports writer Bruce Feldman tweeted earlier on Friday that the St. Louis Rams apparently approached current University of Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian about their head coaching vacancy down in the Rome of the West. Sark was having nothing of it.

With all of the money that Washington football pays Sark, and all the money that the football program brings in each year, and all the money that the school is spending on the renovations to their stadium, I can see why Sark would rather stay in Seattle and be a demi-god than head to St. Louis to clean house, rebuild, and hopefully find some wins. Who knows, Sark may eventually want to take his coaching career to the NFL, but heading to St. Louis now is not the right time nor place for him.

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