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Brandon Beaver Has Not Committed To UW

It's unusual to report about a non-story, but this is apparently what we're dealing with.

Steve Sarkisian tweeted this earlier today.

Normally, when this happens, big recruiting news is on the horizon for Sark and the pups. It seemed to be confirmed mere minutes later.

Big win for Washington, as Brandon Beaver had been originally considering UW before Demetrice Martin bolted for UCLA. It was looking like UW finally had a big-time corner who could help steady their program.

Oh, wait a second, what's this?

Well, this is just one big giant mess.

The Huskies can't be happy at Scout, since Beaver was planning to announce on Signing Day. There was a good shot that Beaver really had decided to join up with UW, but you have to imagine he can't be happy with whoever published this story. Beaver is still taking visits and this could really make things more complicated than they should be.

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