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Washington vs. Utah: Increased Elevation Could Cause Problems For Huskies

Adding the University of Utah made sense geographically when the Pac-10 conference decided to expand, but there was an aspect of playing in Salt Lake City that everyone may not have considered: the elevation. And if these tweets from the media and members of the Washington Huskies football team are any indication of things to come, the change in elevation will have a pretty decent effect on Saturday's game:

Sophomore running back Jesse Callier (@jCallier24) tweeted this earlier:

Breathing in utah feel like I got a pillow over my face..

College football writer Scott Enyeart also tweeted some information:

Sounds like a few of the Washington Husky players are a little surprised by the elevation in SLC based on their tweets

The elevation and climate change from the Seattle area to Salt Lake City is certainly a pretty drastic change the the Huskies will need to adjust accordingly for it. That means substituting at a much higher frequency, oxygen masks on the sidelines, and even a slight change in play calling. The UW coaching staff should be well aware of these potential changes and they need to have their players ready for the Pac-12 showdown this weekend.

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