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Q & A With Tere Calloway, Seattle Prep Defensive Back

Defensive back Tere Calloway from Seattle Prep is one of the top players in state in the Class of 2013. Here's an interview with him covering the success of Seattle Prep and his own personal goals as a player.

Tere Calloway
Tere Calloway

Defensive Back Tere Calloway has been a key player for the upstart Seattle Prep Panthers who are currently 4-0 and ranked No. 8 in 3A in the latest Seattle Times high school football rankings. Calloway also plays running back and currently leads the team with seven touchdowns. He is one of the top players in the state coming out of the Class of 2013 and was recently named to the country's 2013 watch list by recruiting guru Tom Lemming.

People look at Seattle Prep, and don't think of it as a football school, yet your team is undefeated and is considered a contender in the Metro League, what has been the recipe to Prep's success?
Well it started this summer with our strength and conditioning program which was led by Michael Durand. Prep has never been known to be strong or fast so we've been working to prove that notion wrong. Also, there's just a new feel at practices this year. The coaches have a never satisfied attitude which pushes us to dig deep and to get better each and every day.

What's the biggest difference in practice that's happening this year that wasn't happening last year?
There's more quality over quantity this year. No matter how long it takes, we don't move on until we've perfected each play. At the end of each practice we have to run ten perfect plays before practice ends and anything as much as an unbuckled chin strap will cause us to start all over.

What's been the highest point of the season so far for the team?
The highest point for the team so far has been remaining undefeated, it's unusual to see a 0 in Seattle Prep's loss column and as a team we enjoy proving people wrong about a stereotypical Prep football team!

Who are some players on this team that should receive some recognition that don't always have the spotlight on them?
Well first off our offensive line deserves a ton of recognition because coming into the season there were lots of questions of how good we would be up front. They've more than surpassed expectations. Parker Mays has emerged as an elite wide receiver deep threat who is hard to be covered. Fletcher Collins has been a huge force at the linebacker position alongside Jim Kileen and our cornerback Joe Neuzil who leads the team with three interceptions so far. Our entire team deserves recognition!

What are your team goals and personal goals for the season?
As a team we had the same goal as always and that was to win a Metro title and we are still working towards that. Personally I wanted to have a breakout season and emerge as one of the top defensive backs in the 2013 class.

What are your biggest strengths as a player?
I believe that my biggest strengths I have are my great ball skills and the fact that I always attack at the highest point. I love to come up and make the big hits but I can make open field tackles as well. I'm fast and have a good range of where I can make plays. I have a short term memory, meaning I don't let the outcome of the last play effect the outcome of the next.

Is there a certain NCAA or NFL player you've always looked up to?
Deion Sanders and Taylor Mays. I've always loved how Deion Sanders had swag; he would talk trash with class and always back it up and he had great confidence. Taylor Mays is the big hitting type of safety that I like to model some of my game after and I also like how he puts fear into receivers coming across the middle.

I know you've made a couple of big hits this season, but who has the credit of laying the biggest hit on you?
Haha. The biggest hit layed on me this season was by Charlie Brennan in our blue and white scrimmage, I had a dark visor on which I couldnt see through and saw a figure running at me and all I could do was breakdown for the tackle and take the hit...but i still made the tackle!

Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Everyone look out for Seattle Prep this season! We are a team full of great players, great coaches and hard workers! Go Prep!

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