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The Price Is Right: Say Hello To Washington's Next Great Quarterback

Quarterback Keith Price is winning fans and has become a premier weapon in the Washington Huskies offense after four weeks. He is currently off to one of the best starts at the quarterback position in Husky history.

Coaches in the Pac-12 can't just key in on Washington Huskies running back Chris Polk anymore, because Keith Price has come out of nowhere and is off to one of the greatest starts at the quarterback postion in Husky history. The school-record for touchdowns in a season is 28, set by Cody Pickett in 2002. Keith Price has 14, and the season is only 1/3 done with.

I know there's Andrew Luck (Stanford) and Matt Barkley (USC), but the level that Keith Price is playing at is as high as anyone in our conference.

-Washington Huskies Head Coach Steve Sarkisian (Via: The Columbian)

A fellow fan texted me the other day after they read my column I wrote on Keith Price after his performance against a couple weeks back, she said, "It seems like you have a man crush on Keith Price." My reply? Absolutely. And after witnessing the Huskies win against the Cal last weekend, I don't know how else to profress my man crush on Price but to write another column about him.

I sat and thought of what I could take away from Saturday's game and all that came to mind was how awesome Keith Price was.

Husky fans, say hello to the next great Husky quarterback.

I still can't pinpoint that one skill that makes Price so good. Jake Locker had a cannon arm and could break out for a 20 yard run, Cody Pickett had a knack for slinging the ball down the field and finding Reggie Williams in the end zone and Marquis Tuiasosopo like Locker could run, pass and manage the offense.

How about Price?

He doesn't have blazing speed, a cannon arm or the physical tools that make up a NFL draft prospect. While he may lack the one amazing standout skill that he has and no one else has, he just seems to do everything well. 

It sounds cliche, but does it not seem like he is always in control with a certain quiet confidence? Perhaps the blocking is better than last year, but Price seems incredibly poised in the pocket. He is not freaking out when the blitz comes, instead he keeps his eyes downfield and does his best to find his target.

Also, his elusiveness gives the Husky receivers time to get open, and he hits the open receivers. Price has a knack for hitting his teammates right on the money, pass after pass.

Maybe it's his football IQ? Or maybe it's just plain patience. Unlike Locker last season, not a lot of plays are being given up on and footballs aren't sailing out of bounds on purpose anymore.

We could all get used to these two touchdown and 250 yard performances. Price just refuses to make the same bone-headed mistakes you would expect a first-year starter to make. The credit has to be given to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier who has developed Price in the QB's first two seasons at UW. 

I personally can't wait until both knees are healthy 100% and Price starts to venture out of the pocket and run when he sees openings. 

Jump on the bandwagon right now and we will be on it together for the next three years. Hopefully we will pass through Pasadena once. I am dreaming, but what else can you think about when you have one of the best underclassmen quarterbacks in the conference and your team is 3-1?

It's a feeling of pure joy and happiness when your quarterback is leading the nation in touchdown passes after four weeks. Yes, let me say that again. Keith Price is tied with Bowling Green's Matt Schilz for the most touchdown passes in the NCAA: 14. 

I was (always) confident in myself," he said. "I think it was more you guys (in the media) that were worried about it.

-Price after Saturday's win against Cal. (Via: Kitsap Sun)

After four weeks as the Huskies starting quarterback, I think Price has proven any doubters he once had wrong. He's known all along that the Price is right.

We now know too.