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Huskies Linebacker John Timu Appears 'Fine' After Tests At Hospital

Washington Huskies fans can take a deep breath after witnessing a scaring scene during the end of the third quarter of Saturday's game against the California Golden Bears.

Timu was taken off the field by ambulance after he made helmet-to-helmet contact with Bears center Dominic Galas. The freshman linebacker was taken to Harborview Medical Center for neck x-rays. 

Garrett Gilliland just told the assorted media that the team received word that John Timu is "fine." (Via: @UWDailySports)

Washington LB John Timu is moving his extremities. Was taken to local hospital for neck X-rays. (

Via: @OkanesonCal)

Huskies Head Coach Steve Sarkisian told reporters, "So far so good. Results are coming back normal. All signs are good so far," regarding Timu's possible neck injury after Saturday's victory over California. 

Dave Mahler from 950 KJR Sports Radio speculates that Timu will probably stay overnight at Harborview for precaution. 

This is the best possible news for Timu and the Huskies as injuries of the head and neck can be life-threatening.