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ANIMATED: Zach Maynard Uses The Old Fake Throw Trick

Throwing a football can be difficult, even for a college quarterback. Sometimes it's slippery and the ball gets away. I mean, the weather in Seattle is always rainy, so it's understandable that Cal would have trouble hanging onto the ball.

Wait, no, what am I talking about? It's a beautiful day in Seattle. There's just no excuse for this. Zach Maynard wasn't even under pressure here.



Cal did recover the fumble, but was forced to settle for a field goal on the drive. And when you fumble like this, a field goal is all that's deserved.

In the fourth quarter, the Huskies lead the Bears, 31-23. Both teams have been hot-and-cold on the defensive side of the ball, with plenty of mistakes on the offensive side, as well. But this one, by Maynard, may have been the worst, or at least most hilarious, of them all.

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