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College Football Picks: Washington Vs. California

John Berkowitz (UW Dawg Pound)

Washington 31, Cal 14
I pick the Huskies to win because they are starting to really click on offense. Cal has one of the better defenses in the conference but Washington has the play makers to handle it. Count on Price to toss 3-4 TD passes and for Chris Polk to run for over 125 yards.

Kevin Cacabelos (SB Nation Seattle)

Washington 31, Cal 17
I'm giving the Huskies the win due to home field advantage. Keith Price and Chris Polk will be too much for Cal's defense to handle. All eyes will be on the Husky defense after Nick Holt's unit has been torched for more than 27 points in each game so far.

Brian Elsner (Wait For It Seattle)

Washington 35, Cal 28
Cal will provide some challenges to UW this week as they are statistically strong both offensively and defensively. Currently first in the Pac-12 in total defense and fifth in total offense, the combination of the passing game led by Zach Maynard and the running game of Isi Sofele will be a challenge for the struggling Husky defense. Luckily for the Dawgs, they came off a strong opponent on the road in a loss to Nebraska while Cal has beaten Fresno State, Colorado (in OT) and Presbyterian. UW will be too much at home and win in a close one.

Erik Kariya (SeaTown Sports)

Washington 30 Cal 20
The Husky run defense has looked almost capable of late but Cal doesn't need to establish the run in order to unleash their four-handed wideout Kraken. The Bears sacrifice size for speed on defense, something Washington knows how to counter. Desmond Trufant intercepts Zach Maynard exactly once and penalties send Oskie home in tears.

Jeff Nusser (CougCenter)

Washington 31, Cal 30
Cal's defense has been up and down. I'm betting it's just down enough against UW's very good passing game. Keith Price has been better than I ever expected.

Craig Powers (CougCenter)
Washington 42 Cal 38

Two bad defenses. This should be a fun one. The home crowd will tip the scale towards the Huskies in what is otherwise a very even match-up. Keith Price and company will score just enough to outpace the Golden Bears.

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