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Steve Sarkisian, Pac-12 Have Yet To Talk About Disputed Calls During Nebraska Game

Washington Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian was pretty livid about several calls during Saturday's 51-38 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As of yet, though, he has not contacted the Pac-12 about the officiating, according to a report by The Seattle Times.

Tony Corrente, the Pac-12's new officiating coordinator, is waiting for Sarkisian to call before he talks to the Big Ten about its officiating crew during the game. Three kick-interference calls in particular during the Nebraska game stick out.

Arguably the most controversial call occurred with 1:49 left in the first half when Washington recovered the ball at the Cornhuskers 26-yard line. Instead of the Huskies taking possession, Nebraska got the ball back instead at its own 41-yard line and proceeded to finish the half with a tie-breaking field goal that gave them a 20-17 advantage that they would not relinquish.

According to The Seattle Times, Corrente had this to say about the ruling: "That's the one I'm saying, I'm not privy to what the officials actually ruled - what their rationale was for making the call." The Pac-12's officiating coordinator would not mind calling out the Big Ten on this particular call, though he feels that the other two controversial plays (a kick-catching interference call in the third quarter and another interference call in the fourth) were sound officiating rulings.

The Pac-12 will not reach out to the Big Ten until Sarkisian calls them. Of course, the head coach could decide to drop the matter entirely this week as his team spends time preparing the Cal Golden Bears on Saturday. No one knows what Sarkisian will decide to do, but the Pac-12 office will certainly be waiting for a call over the next few days in any event.