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Huskies Quarterback Keith Price Shows Grit, Perseverance In The Face Of Injuries

Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price has had a tough start to the college football season, dealing with injuries to both of his knees. Price, however, hasn't wavered in his resolve to play despite the hits.

Price took a big hit from Nebraska's Jared Crick on Saturday, one that possibly threatened to keep him out of the game. For Price, though, that was never an option. In an interview with several reporters, Price stated, "I was never going to sit on the bench at all at no point in that game." He went on to say that, "They'd probably have to cut off my legs or something."

Those are some big statements by the quarterback. He is willing to fight through the pain on game days even as the injuries continue to nag him. As Price said during the interview, "I didn't know I was going to be this banged up...and it hasn't even really been any big hits." He staid that his right knee is "about 90 percent" and that it should be back to full strength by Saturday. He also stated that his left knee is "about 40 to 50 percent" at the moment.

Coach Steve Sarkisian has only positive words for his quarterback's perseverance. Accoridng to Elise Woodward of Seattle radio, Sarkisian said that "Keith Price is sore, but he's a tough kid. I think he'll be sore, but it won't keep him off the field."

The Washington faithful will be glad to hear all of this. Their quarterback is a fighter, and it doesn't look like he'll take to the sideline anytime soon.

You can check out Price's locker room interview in its entirety at the Seattle Times' Husky Football Blog.