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Pac-12 Expansion: Texas Looking West, With A Nudge From Oklahoma

It's been clear all along that the Texas Longhorns hoped to keep the Big 12 intact, or at least give the appearance that was the case. And why wouldn't they? With the Longhorn Network serving as a potentially large revenue source and a BCS auto-bid, the Big 12 could have been a viable home if it could weather the storm. But now, it appears the Longhorns are changing their stance, and perhaps looking west, towards the Pac-12.

According to CBS Sports' Bryan Fischer, officials from Oklahoma and Texas met last week, and the Sooners gave the Longhorns a friendly nudge. As a result, Texas higher-ups met with officials from the Pac-12 sometime in the last week.

Source says last week's meeting between Texas/OU officials in Oklahoma "changed Texas' thinking a little." Basically, Texas has seen the light that keeping the Big 12 together, while the goal, is very unlikely to happen. That's why there was indeed a meeting between Texas and Pac-12 officials in LA.

As noted earlier, the presidents from Texas and Oklahoma were given the go-ahead to make conference alignment decisions on Monday. While the Board of Regents from each school still must give approval to any move, the Longhorns and Sooners can begin formally exploring other options.

While the process may not be fast, the Big 12 seems as good as dead. Barring a last-minute save -- which has happened before -- the conference may be put out of its misery in the next month.

We'll be back with more on conference realignment as it becomes available. For all your Pac-12 news needs, head over to Pacific Takes. Be sure to visit our local college blogs: CougCenter, for Washington State fans, and UW Dawg Pound, for Washington fans.