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Washington Vs. Nebraska Video: Jared Crick Lights Up Keith Price

The legendary pass rush of Nebraska Cornhuskers was held in check again, as the Washington Huskies offensive line stepped up and gave young UW quarterback Keith Price all the protection he could possibly need. Price was sacked only two times and Price put up solid numbers in a losing effort. Things look bright for the Washington offense.

That being said, one of those sacks was a complete wallop, as future NFL defensive lineman Jared Crick decided to give Price a proper welcome to Lincoln.

Crick's blindside hit of Price highlights the growth the young QB must make, as he sat in the pocket with the ball, waiting to make a decision. Instead of deciding to run or let that ball go, he scrambled around the pocket and became a sitting target. Price's refusal to go with his legs or release with his arm allowed the defenders to recover from their original pass protection and Crick to get to Price.

Safe to say Price has learned a valuable lesson. Never get hit by Jared Crick.

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