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Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Making Comeback, Down Only 44-31

Don't look now, but the Washington Huskies are within striking distance in their game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Huskies trail 44-31 with seven minutes left.

Nebraska blew the game open at the beginning of the third quarter with back-to-back scores courtesy of an error on a Huskies kickoff return. The Cornhuskers went up 34-17 after those two scores, and tacked on a field goal as well as another touchdown to go up 44-17.

Washington hasn't given in though. Chris Polk recorded a two-yard score with 10:15 left in the fourth quarter to pull within 44-24. The Huskies scored again less than three minutes later on a ten-yard pass from quarterback Keith Price to James Johnson.

The Huskies are now down just 13 points, down 44-31. The Huskies went for the onside kick and failed to convert, but the team can still draw closer by holding the Cornhuskers to a field goal or no score on this drive.