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Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Down 37-17 Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The Washington Huskies trail 37-17 against the No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers after three quarters. The Huskies, who went into halftime down just 20-17, gave up 17 points while scoring none of their own in the third quarter.

The Huskies opened up the second half in much the same way that they opened up the first half, which is not a good sign for Washington fans. The Huskies went three-and-out on the opening drive of the second half and Nebraska proceeded to drive 60 yards to score. The Cornhuskers punched the ball in on a one-yard run by Rex Burkhead.

Washington's troubles took root on the next play, when the Huskies fumbled away the kickoff return and gave Nebraska the ball back on Washington's one-yard line. Brukhead went to work again for Nebraska and ran in another one-yard touchdown. Nebraska cracked open the game 34-17 on those two quick scores.

The Cornhuskers added on a 29-yard field goal by Brett Maher on the next drive. The Huskies failed to put up points on each of their two possessions (three, if you count the fumbled kickoff return) and failed not match Nebraska's 17-point quarter. Washington trails 37-17 heading into the fourth quarter.