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Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Make Errors In Early Third Quarter, Trail 34-17

The Washington Huskies, who played so well in the first half and trailed the Nebraska Cornhuskers by only three points entering the second half, suddenly find themselves down 34-17 less than five minutes into the period.

Washington received the kickoff but promptly went three-and-out. Nebraska then drove the length of the field and scored on a one-yard run by Rex Burkhead. Nebraska led 27-17 after that, but the worst was still to come.

On the ensuing kickoff, Washington fumbled away the ball on the return and Nebraska recovered the ball at Washingtoin's one-yard run. The Cornhuskers needed only one play to punch in another one-yard rushing touchdown by Burkhead.

This game is getting out of hand quickly, and Washinton needs to respond with a big drive. The Huskies special teas  unit will need to avoid errors the rest of the way as Washington attempts to fight back.

The Huskies currently have the ball and are driving down the field.