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VIDEO: Jared Crick Destroys Keith Price

Keith Price has been a magician at times during Saturday's matchup between the Washington Huskies and Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nebraska has been able to get pressure at times, but it seems Price has been able to find a way to escape time and again. He's been a Houdini in the backfield, but he did make one near-fatal mistake, dancing around too long and landing in the waiting arms of Jared Crick.

To say the hit was violent would be an understatement. Crick laid a highlight reel hit on Price, and looked like he may have killed him. You'd think this is an exaggeration, but Price went airborne, then horizontal and finally was driven into the ground, taking the full force of Crick's weight in the process.

We'll update this with better video later, but for now, here's Crick absolutely destroying Price in the second quarter.

The good news for Washington fans? Price popped back up and was seen smiling on the sidelines a short time later. But he'll probably be feeling this one in the morning.