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Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Tie Game 17-17 With Ten Minutes Until Halftime

The Washington Huskies tied No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers 17-17 on a field goal, giving both teams extra motivation in the remaining minutes of the second quarter to score. The Huskies have climbed back from early first-quarter struggles to make this a ballgame.

The Huskies entered the second quarter with a 10-7 deficit but managed to score just two minutes into the period after Nebraska muffed a punt. Washington recovered the ball at Nebraska's 23-yard line and scored on a six-yard pass from quarterback Keith Price to Jermaine Kearse.

Nebraska came right back with a 66-yard kickoff return from Ameer Abdullah. Three plays later, the Cornhuskers regained control of the lead with a 25-yard pass from quarterback Taylor Martinez to Aaron Green.

Washington drove the length of the field on the following drive and managed to connect on a 41-yard field goal by Erik Polk. The two teams are tied 17-17.