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Washington Vs. Hawaii Score Update: Huskies Lead 38-26 With Three Minutes Left

The Washington Huskies hold a 12-point advantage over the Hawaii Warriors with just five minutes left in the game. The Huskies, who scored 21 points in the first quarter, are up 38-26 and are looking to hold off the Warriors.

Hawaii ended the third quarter on a big 36-yard completion that gave the Warriors possession on Washington's six-yard line. The Warriors converted early in the fourth quarter and closed the gap to 31-26.

The Huskies responded with a seven-play, 70-yard drive capped off by a pass from quarterback Keith Price to Austin Sefarin-Jenkins. The Huskies have a good lead on Hawaii at the moment and should be able to pull this one out.

The Huskies intercepted quarterback Bryant Moitz and have the ball with less than three mintues to go. Hawaii is burning timeouts and will try to get the ball back and make something happen before the time runs out.