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Washington Vs. Hawaii Score Update: Huskies Lead 31-20 Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The Washington Huskies lead the Hawaii Warriors 31-20 at the end of the third quarter. Both teams had slow quarters as the Huskies scored only a field goal and the Warriors scored just one touchdown.

Hawaii started the second half with the ball and a 28-14 deficit. They used a long, 14-play that took up almost half of the period to march 73 yards down the field and score. Quarterback Bryant Moniz found Jeremiah Ostrowski in the endzone for a seven-yard score on the final play of the drive. Washington blocked the extra point attempt Kenton Chun.

The Huskies came back with a long drive of their own that ended with a field goal. Quarterback Keith Price and running back Chris Polk took turns initiating plays and leading the Huskies 49 into Warrior territory. The drive stalled on Hawaii's 18-yard line, and Huskies kicker Erik Folk pumped in a 36-yard field goal to give Washington a 31-20 lead.

Price has completed 14 of 19 passes for 289 yards, three touchdowns and one interceptin. Chris Polk leads Washington's ground attack with 76 yards and one touchdown on 16 carries. Receiver Devil Aguilar, who cashed in on a late score at the end of the first half, has 126 yards and one touchdown on four receptions.

The Warriors have the ball at the beginning of the fourth quarter and are at Washington's six-yard line.