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Washington Huskies Football: Chris Polk Still Questionable For Eastern Washington

Chris Polk is going to be the focal point of the Washington Huskies offense this season. Keith Price might be the man down the road, he might be familiar with the system, and he might have a lot of talent in the receiving corps, but UW will be a run-first team when one of the best tailbacks in the Pac-12 is suiting up for them.

Which is why Polk's health is of critical important to Washington succeeding in the Pac-12 next season. And right now he's not healthy, at least not enough to be sure that he'll be playing week 1. Polk might be tops on the depth chart, but he's far from assured of playing this Saturday. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports.

Sark says on radio show that Polk did a lot of cutting drills today and looked good. But said test is how he recovers tomorrow.

Said again that he likely won't make a decision until Wednesday on Polk and that he feels good going with Callier/Sankey if needed.

It would make same sense for Polk to sit though. Washington doesn't need Polk to roll over the Eagles for 150+ yards and 15 carries, but they could find out who his number two man could be for the season. Sophomore Jesse Callier and freshman Bishop Sankey appear to be the primary backups, and getting relevant experience early in the season will help give Washington depth behind their feature back. Additionally, Price can get to settle into the Washington offense and get in a rhythm with his targets on the field, and give the team more confidence in their passing game. It might be more of an adventure, but the Huskies should be fine.

A healthy Polk against Hawaii and Nebraska though? Could be a bit more necessary.

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