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Josh Garnett, Zach Banner Take Unofficial Visits To USC

For Washington Huskies fans, things are looking a bit sunnier than they did a few years ago, and football appears to be on the upswing after a winning season and a Holiday Bowl victory. But there are still big victories that need to be won on the recruiting trail.

One of them is notching a top offensive tackle. Washington has already landed the commitment of Nathan Dean from Kirkland, but he isn't quite as prized as the other two in-state tackles still on the board. Joshua Garnett from Puyallup and Zach Banner from Lakewood are both still looking around in their recruitment, and they expect to be staying in the west in one of the Pac-12 schools. The question is, which one?

Banner and Garnett have talked about playing together in college, so whenever the two end up in the same place visiting the same school, speculation arises. Banner visited USC on an unofficial visit this past weekend and Garnett joined him on his own unofficial. Both Banner and Garnett have the Trojans on their final list of top schools. Safe to say USC is very much in the mix for their services, and could be Washington's biggest competition for the two recruits if the two decide to play together.