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KeiVarae Russell, Mariner Running Back, Favors Washington, Notre Dame, Cal

In comparison to the loaded 2011-12 class of offensive linemen and wide receivers, running backs are lagging behind. Mariner running back KeiVarae Russell is one of the top prospects though, and he could very well be coming close to a decision on his future. Russell seems to be deciding between his top 3: The home state Washington Huskies, the California Golden Bears, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Here are Russell's ratings and tape.

KeiVarae Russell 2010 Recruiting Video (via DickKalla)

Russell doesn't seem to have elite second level speed, but he atones for that with great elusivity. Tacklers seem to bounce off him, particularly with the way he moves his hips and shifts his direction while still turning upfield. Russell might not be the most impressive running back athletically, but it does look like he's very good at all the little things that could make him valuable at the next level.

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