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Pac-12 Football Trailer Whets Fans' Appetites At Media Day

Dramatic music? Check. Standard announcer voice? Check. Brilliantly made trailer for the 2011 football season? You bet. The Pac-12 continues to do it big on the media side, showing off its production capabilities with what's being called a "sizzle" video at Tuesday's media day in Los Angeles.

The theme is a new era and a new beginning for the conference, which expands to 12 teams, adding Utah and Colorado, for the 2011 season. And if the video is any indication, oh boy is it going to be awesome.

Football is almost here, and if you're not ready to run through a brick wall after watching the sizzle video, you may not be alive.

In the immortal words of Bart Scott: "Can't wait." Football is on the horizon and after a long break, we need it. Get ready for the Pac-12 takeover, beginning this season with expansion and next with a new, gigantic media rights deal.

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