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Pac-12 Media Poll: USC, Oregon Picked To Finish First In Their Divisions

With the Pac-12 Media Day about to get underway in Los Angeles, the media polls were released, giving us fodder for the upcoming season. As expected, Oregon leads the way in the Pac-12 North, with USC the top vote-getter in the South. USC, however, cannot play in the Pac-12 Championship, meaning the second-place team in the South would step-in and play for the title.

The Washington Huskies fared well in the Pac-12 media poll, picking up 142 points to finish third in the North. Stanford is second and garnered 13 first-place votes. The Washington State Cougars brought up the rear, as expected, with 51 points.

In the South, Arizona State is your surprise second-place finisher, just behind USC. Newcomer Utah is in third-place, with Arizona garnering one first-place vote in its fourth-place spot. UCLA and Colorado bring up the rear, with the Buffaloes only picking up 46 points.

Here is the Pac-12 media poll, courtesy of Ted Miller.

North (first-place votes)
1. Oregon (29)... 239
2. Stanford (13)... 220
3. Washington... 142
4. Oregon State... 120
5. California... 110
6. Washington State... 51

South (first-place votes)
1. USC (24) ... 230
2. Arizona State (13)... 207
3. Utah (4)... 170
4. Arizona (1)... 140
5. UCLA ... 89
6. Colorado... 46

With the fun out of the way, the Pac-12 gets down to business with its media day. The action begins at 9 a.m. in Los Angeles. More on the Pac-12 Media Day can be found in our StoryStream.