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Aziz N'Diaye Doesn't Like People Asking About His Height

Washington Huskies starting center's Aziz N'Diaye's twitter (@ziza221) is a must follow for all Husky fans. N'Diaye will let his followers know about the most random things including a Geology school field trip and the length of his favorite kind of naps.

He rarely fully spells out his words and often does not include vowels, but usually you'll be able to make out what the big guy is trying to say.

See what his latest message was for fans after the jump.

On Tuesday morning, N'Diaye had this message for future passer-byers:


For the record, N'Diaye official listed height is 7-0. Take it or leave it. But don't say you weren't warned, because big Aziz might not be in the mood. You definitely don't want to be that ONE guy to make a seven foot basketball player mad.