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NCAA 12 Ratings: Oregon, Oregon State Top Washington, WSU

It's not quite Christmas for college football fans, but it is like getting a peek at the presents. The NCAA 12 team rankings were released into the wild on Wednesday night, letting us know what EA thinks about the college football landscape this coming year. The releasing of the broad, overview rankings gives fans a chance to pick apart their team's offensive, defensive and special teams rankings, as well as the school's prestige. And in the Pac-12, it's clear where the power lies, with Stanford and Oregon each in the top-10 overall.

After the jump, let the ratings debate begin.

Stanford is the top-rated Pac-12 school, checking in with the third-best overall ranking and a four-star prestige. The Cardinal are followed closely by the Oregon Ducks, who have better individual ratings, but are just below the Cardinal. Arizona State is the only other Pac-12 school in the top-25, just barely squeaking in at No. 25.

Bringing up the rear is Washington State, ranked 93rd in the country. Colorado is 89 and UCLA is 80, with all three teams in the bottom tier of the conference. The Washington Huskies are just a hair off dead-center at No. 49, four spots below Oregon State.

From left to right: Ranking, team, overall, offense, defense, special teams, prestige. The full list of team ratings can be found here.

3 Stanford A A+ B+ B+ 4
5 Oregon A A+ B+ A 6
25 Arizona State B+ B+ B+ C 3
29 USC A- B+ B+ C 6
31 Utah B+ B+ B B 4
45 Oregon State B+ B+ B B+ 3
49 Washington B+ B+ B B- 3
55 Cal B B B B+ 3
56 Arizona B+ B+ B B 3
80 UCLA B B B- B 2
89 Colorado B- B C+ C+ 2
93 Washington State C+ C+ C D 1

There we have it. Might as well not play the games this year. With Andrew Luck at the helm, Stanford will win the conference by one-game over Oregon, with Washington State bringing up the rear in a race for the toilet bowl with Colorado.

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