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Jake Locker Already Leading Tennessee Titans NFL Lockout Workouts

Without the structure of the typical NFL offseason, teams around the league are looking for leaders to step-up and organize informal workouts during the lockout. Here in Seattle, it was Justin Forsett taking the initiative and planning workouts at Dempsey Indoor, on the campus of the University of Washington. Matt Hasselbeck has taken the leadership role during the workouts, picking up right where he left off despite his lingering contract situation and the uncertainty of his status. But on the other side of the country, it should come as no surprise that rookie quarterback Jake Locker has taken on a leadership role, organizing workouts for the Tennessee Titans during the NFL lockout.

ESPN had a short piece on Locker and the Titans workouts, showing, once again, he does have those intangibles and is ready and willing to step into a leadership role.

Keep in mind, this is a kid who has yet to learn the playbook and is just getting his feet wet in the NFL and with the Titans. Not a bad start for the Washington product.